Too Hard to Grasp, Too Easy to Focus

How to enjoy yourself more when doing a task?

Every day one is doing many tasks, whether it is pleasing or unpleasing. Some are mundane such as doing housework, while others are spirit-raising, doing novel activities or facing challenges. The tasks done will more or less affect one’s mood.

The tasks performed could affect one’s mood to some extent. When it seems boring, one could feel not challenging and unmotivated, which usually happens when it is mundane. On the other hand, when the task is too hard, one may feel stressed and losing interest in the activity itself.

Therefore, one needs to find a perfect balance to mix the task that is not too easy to get bored and some brain-intensive activity. It would make one feel great when accomplishing the tasks. However, it won’t be that ideal that the task assigned is always in one’s favour.

If a task is unavoidable, find meaning or reason will help one to get through the process. One could also set up an ultimate goal if it relates to the long term impact, with the aim it could also set up the benchmark on the progress,

Ultimately, there are things that one enjoy or hate. To fully enjoy the task, one can implement the reward system after one has completed a difficult task. When one has put a remarkable effort to make things interesting, it’s time to enjoy them.

What would you do to make your tasks enjoyable?

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