Music, A Recalling Experience

Will you recall a particular experience when playing a song?

Music, a beautiful arrangement that resonance, has helped one to trigger and express emotion. With countless genres, one could have a specific taste that could not replicate from one to another. One could dance to a particular melody while can’t relate to a song from another genre. Hence, a masterpiece could be a nuisance for others.

One could often express an identity through a song that one listens. It also often reflects the personality and upbringing culture. Other than the mainstream genres that influence the world, music is localized within the country. It could happen due to the language and cultural barrier.

Regardless of the uniqueness of music taste, one could listen to thousands of songs in a lifetime. While experiencing something in daily life, the experience and the song would form a brand new memory.

These memories can be recalled when one has relistened to the song after several months and years. One could roughly feel the vibe at that moment when listening to it for the first time. However, it may not happen to every song that one listen.

Practically speaking, it would be meaningful when one wants to recall a joyful experience. One could try to play the songs that are played when the occurrence. On the other hand, it would make one recall the unpleasant memory when playing it during the bad experience.

The magic of music does not only make people indulge with emotion at present. The fact that the music experience for everyone is unique, this uniqueness could make one linger the song in mind. With this music in mind, one can recall an experience that is invaluable and irreplaceable.

“The embodiment of the melody, lyric, and emotion makes music lingers in one’s life.”

What is your main feeling when you’re listening to music?

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