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Spectrum of Mistake

What kind of mistake is encouraged? What kind of mistake needs to avoid? People make mistakes regularly with different scales and mindsets. The mistake can be classified as intentional or subconscious. The consequences of it could vary from trivial to critical depending on the impact. One wishes to avoid a mistake. For some, it can…

The Reimpression Mechanism

What is the benefit of reviewing your impression of a thing? One tends to form an opinion and impression towards something novel. Whether it’s an action by people, environment, or incident, the emotion triggered has crystallized in our minds based on experience. These experiences can be applied when one has encountered a similar situation. The…

The Lie of Omission

How could the lie of omission affect our decision making? Lie, a distortion of truth, can be spoken of with different motives. Low self-esteem, a need for validation, protection of information, and many unknown reasons. The lie committed can affect judgement regardless the lie is exposed or not. A lie is in many forms, and…

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