Choice, A Life Determining Action

How does choice affect one’s life significantly?

Everyone make countless decisions in their life, from what to eat to who to marry. Some decisions are more impactful than others. If the choice is decided unwisely, the consequences will reduce the chance to make a decision freely.

The choice will result in the subsequent action to implement. For example, when one has selected a course in a university. One needs to put aside a considerable amount of time to study the course. One may sacrifice time for having fun. When one chooses the wrong path, one may suffer throughout university life.

Other than the effect, the choice also comes with a commitment. A commitment will act as a double-edge sword. It will help one to stay on a path to fulfil a greater goal. It will also make one persistent during the struggle.

When one is in a situation of having a significant choice, one should not be ignorant of the consequences. However, some may be ignorant and underestimate the power of choice. Therefore, one at least needs to be aware of the importance of the freedom of choosing. Usually, it can be known from the consequences and the time to commit the outcome.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much one has tried to strive in their life. When one has made a wrong choice, the consequences will be irreversible, which one may regret. Therefore, the last thing that one can do is value the opportunity to make a wise choice. By choosing wisely, one would preserve a chance to make the next choice.

“Do not underestimate the power of choice. It is as powerful as the action.”

What kind of choice makes your life getting better?


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