Learning to Apologize

Is it an easy task to apologize properly? How significant is apology itself?

Every person makes a myriad of mistakes in a lifetime. The consequences of a mistake varies subjectively based on the people affected. Some faults have a temporary effect, while some induce permanent damage. While a mistake is done, a sorry is necessary to ease an afflicted heart.

For some, say sorry seems impossible because of the insistence of personal value. It may be perceived as stubbornness or selfishness. While some who never committed a mistake in an incident, a sorry could come out without a further understanding of the incident. Therefore, one needs to learn the art of sorry to ease one properly.

Human tends to stick to a habit, where the mistake is a part of it. When the same mistakes are committed repetitively, a sorry will not make one feels better. When the apology has become a norm, it is not valuable anymore. Therefore, the main focus itself should shift from the sorry to the rectification action.

For the one that receives an apology, stand in the position of the one who apologizes could help to figure out the root cause. Especially when both parties relationships are ruining, communication is more effective than a mere apology.

Furthermore, a person that easily sorry to others may seem nice. Yet, it may also be not respected by other people. Although it may seem like a friendly action, yet subconsciously people may arguably think the person is a people pleaser.

At last, in my opinion, there is no ideal apology that really could satisfy most people. Yet, sincerity and willingness to rectify a mistake is a sustainable way of apology. An apology should not be the beginning of disagreement, yet be a platform for both parties to understand each other.

How do you say sorry when you make a mistake?

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