Bias and Conflict

Why is bias one of the main precursors of conflict?

Bias, an inclination towards a person or a group, is instilled in people’s minds. The bias that one has could be in terms of thinking fallacy and stereotyping, etc. People have different misconceptions depends on their upbringing. With the bias in people’s minds, it infers that no judgment is infallible. When the bias has reached a certain threshold, it will cause an unnecessary conflict.

When a group is having a discussion, people will give a different idea. With the different opinions, the group argument will eventually improve and making a better decision. The bias is towards the interest of certain people in a group that dominates in the conflict.

When the decision doesn’t satisfy most people interests, an imbalance of interest will be the outcome. It would create resentment that would show in protest and conflict. The problem doesn’t lay in disagreement itself, where it is based on bias.

Although not all conflicts result from bias and differences, what should one do to face a dispute? Is it from the changing of perspective or trying to avoid a conflict? Is it plausible to keep away from problems or keep on agreeing with others’ views?

To eliminate bias, one needs to respect another regardless of the position of the person. One could hardly change one’s status and background. The differences that eventually led to a bias is unavoidable. A conflict will arise if the biased mindset is unresolved.

While respect itself is unable to make one free from conflict, one needs to find a way to face it when it comes. Negotiation is required as every single decision may not satisfy all stakeholders. With respect and negotiation, most parties could avoid and resolve potential disagreements.

Respect and negotiation is a way to resolve potential biases and conflicts.”

How do you resolve a conflict and bias among the groups?

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