Social Circle, A Support System

How does socialization support’s one during predicament?

Human needs a constant communication to survive. When one is young, it is easier to meet up with someone and be friends spontaneously. One could socialize as much as one wants with little to no responsibility faced, at least compared to adults.

With these conditions, one could make a lifelong friend with just people who interact for a short period. It could be more challenging when one hits 30 and above, where the main focus will be career and family. With the commitment, it could be harder to spend the time to hang out with friends after graduation, yet it is not impossible.

Once one has finished the education, one could have a lesser chance to meet people casually. It may cause the shrink of the social circle that could make one less social than before. Therefore, it may raise as a social issue where may have less life satisfaction.

When one has decided to sacrifice time for social interaction, it makes one less dependent on others. However, it is inevitable for one to avoid an issue that needs friends support and suggestion. One could make a wrong decision or see things wrongly, where a friend could give some inputs to rectify the problem.

Moreover, talking about emotional support, it is enjoyable to talk with people with a similar background/interest. One could easily relate to another about anything that occurs. One could make unforgettable memories also with friends.

Therefore, for the one that feels like losing the excitement of life., initiating to contact an old friend or talk with new friends would make one’s life better. Sometimes, it is hard to maintain a relationship when one does not initiate. With the initiation and maintenance, one could have a meaningful friendship that may last for a lifetime.

Initiation is a key secret for one to maintain a support system and meaningful friendship.”

How do you maintain your social circle? Do you find your social circle as your support system?

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