Protection and Freedom

Have you been stopped to do something risky by your parents when you’re young? How does it affect your growth?

A child, a potential, is necessary to be nurtured and guided by the parents. With a dependent and fragileness, a child is often fragile and protected by their parents. Under the prolonged upbringing, a child’s behaviour would be based on the environment the child in. Arguably, a family has the most significant impact on a child’s growth.

The dependency would usually decrease from the exposure that the child experience from the world. On another side, a protective attitude would inhibit a child from exploring the world. Stereotypically, it happens in some families that hold a conservative value.

When a child is trying to ride a bicycle, the parents are stopping him from trying out. Because the parents are afraid that their child would have an injury, they try to protect their child. Denying the possibility of declining the curiosity of the child would transform into avoidance. When the child has grown up, he/she would likely avoid the overcome the obstacles.

Indeed, protection is necessary when the child is facing some hardships. The role of the parents is to provide safe shelter physically and emotionally to their offspring. To become a reliable support system, the parents can take a friendly approach that closes the gap between parents and child.

On the other hand, a child usually is easily affected by any influences. The influence varies from the positive examples that inspire to the destructive environments that would let one astray during the growing process. Therefore, the freedom that is given should be limited to a certain extent.

It is challenging to provide a child chance to experience but preventing a child from getting astray. With the protection, the parents are protecting their fear. With the lack of dependency, the child would grow out of control that would grow infamously. Therefore, a suitable degree of protection and freedom is needed by a child to grow confidently.

Parents play a huge role to provide a necessary protection and freedom to their offspring.”

Do your parents make you regret based on their way of raising you?

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