Repetition, Mastery or Stagnation?

Repetition, is it the road towards mastery? Or is it the path towards stagnation?

Every day we are doing chores that repeat day by day throughout our whole life. These chores that one does every day is forming one’s ability on solving a particular problem. With repetition, one could execute a task with a better result with less effort. However, is it make one master a skill?

Imagine that you are doing the work in the same job scope every day. This mundane task will slow disable one’s ability to think, especially when the demand for quality is not required. For example, when one is doing patrolling or become a sales clerk. Initially, one may try to find a way to improve the effectiveness. However, working in this way in the long term would reach stagnation.

On the other hand, some activities/jobs require one to be in constant repetition for one to master the skill, such as sporting and cooking. One is unlikely to become the best unless a discipline repetition training, that requires a serious commitment.

On the white-collar job, such as lawyers and doctors, repetitiveness would be unlikely to make one professional. One needs to expose oneself to the various case studies that sharpen critical thinking for solving the problem, repetitions not effective on the progressive growth of these people.

Understanding and harnessing the practical application would benefit one in various ways. Other than one could improve the existing skill based on the repetition, one could venture a new ability and strengthen it through repetition.

Repetition is not necessarily made one mastering something or getting one into stagnation. But one could arguably believe that repetition in a creative way could hone the skill to make one become a discipline being. Repetition, an intensive habit towards transformation, could be the secret to mastery if it is used properly.

Repetition is the secret to mastery if could use it effectively.”

What is the thing that you do repetitively, yet you need to improve?

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