Reflection, A Self-Understanding Action

How does self-reflection help one to understand oneself?

A mirror is used to see appearance. Whenever it is used, it reflects anything that passes through it. Within the reflection, everyone could see the objective reality that could be interpreted differently.

Humans would behave accordingly based on other’s actions. When one actions, others react instinctively based on their best interest. Despite people could act based on their best interests, do people understand their actions?

Any action does not have a correct answer. The differences would also lead to arguments, discussion, and different opinions among people. One could understand whether what one did is correct or not based on what others see.

However, it is not necessarily accurate to let others define you. It would make one people-pleasing while losing genuine identity. With a balance of understanding and reflecting, one of the approaches is to consider opinions from others. A collective message from people is aligned and show the proximity with the social norm.

It is easy to understand the world from our senses. However, none of our five senses can understand our inner emotions and actions directly. A constantly thinking and listening is fruitful after the execution of every move. A balance of thinking and listening is the key to understanding one’s inner self.

A constant reflection does not only make a person understand own flaw and weakness, but also orients oneself to achieve life satisfaction. With the willingness of listening and emphasize on others, one could be self-aware and self-conscious.

“Being reflective, one could be more responsible with every single action taken.

How do you understand yourself? Is it from reflection or other ways?

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  1. lifeasahotmess says:

    well done


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