Expertise and Blindliness

Would you be outsmarted in an unfamiliar situation?

When buying a computer, renting a house, or purchasing a stock, one requires understanding and expertise to do the action. Therefore, engaging an expert in problem-solving could also help one to decide the correct decision. With their support, one could have a better understanding of what is going on.

With a specialized skill, an expert can deliver an unforeseen problem to affect the decision. The rationale behind this is the trained mind of the expert to look for the main specification/issue. With a piece of wise advice, it would generate an optimal benefit for the advisee.

However, it is possible that the person that one looked for advice providing a piece of cunning advice to maximize his/her benefit. For instance, a salesperson will try to harness his understanding of the product to persuade his client to buy more expensive items. A house agent may be using his social skill to get a higher rental price.

Therefore, one needs to be more careful in putting trust into an expert. Moreover, confirmation of benefit alignment among two parties before the service providing is required. If the situation is improbable, several solutions could be done to make sure the issue is solved.

Engaging several experts and comparing the advice can be done to integrate the advisee understanding of the issues. To compete, the expert would provide the best possible services that benefit both parties. The impedance would effectively let the expert help solving the problem.

If one faces the problem chronically, raising the degree of competency would tackle the issue. In other words, learn a new skill that will inevitably consume time and effort. Despite mastering an ability would be a challenge, it would lead a person out of competency blindness.

“A willful blindness can be solved by improving self-competence from learning with an expert.”

What is your long term issue that you always find others to help?

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