Vacation, A Relief or A Disaster?

Do you feel happy when you are on holiday?

Vacation, a haven from daily stress, has become a goal and dream for most people. One could imagine laying down in a beach chair drinking lime juice. Another could contemplate enjoying a historical site in a new environment. Vacation undeniably has become a haven to recharge oneself into an optimal state.

An individual has a preferred style of holiday. One enjoys rushing to various places in a city for taking pictures to upload into social media. Another enjoys conversing with new people while strolling around the local hawker centre while enjoying a slower life pace. Ideally speaking, the experience could be much better or worse. In terms of the negative aspects, what makes it goes wrong?

People formed up a significant factor of how one feels during a holiday. Both are difficult to achieve mutual satisfaction if there are different goals for the vacation. Imagine when one wants to go shopping in the free duty shopping, while another is looking forward to a culinary tour. The holiday that one dreamt has turned into a time, money, and emotional wastage only because of different goals.

Travelling following through a travel agent can save up a lot of time of planning. It is also a chance for meeting new people throughout the tour. However, one could often visit travel attractions that are overcrowded in a short period. Although several people are satisfied going through a tour agency, it could be troublesome for some who don’t get used to rushing.

Improper planning also contributes to the possible chaotic vacation experience. When one is planning improperly, one could not maximize experiences that one wishes before the departure. Moreover, after one has reached the location, one may not know where to go and encountered some issues that can be eliminated through planning.

Various people have their predicament during the holidays. In the end, making a consensus with others and proper planning could prevent us to encountered some unnecessary issues. While incorporating one’s travelling style with the mitigation action, one could have a memorable and meaningful holiday.

“Vacation can be a disaster or a relief depends on our actions.”

What action can you implement to make your vacation getting more meaningful?

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