A Fragile Persona

Why an inconsistent persona makes one getting fragile emotionally?

Persona, an individual identity, is a character that delivers from a person to his/her environment. Because of a multitude of personality and characteristic, everyone has a persona that distinguishes one from the others. From the persona, one subconsciously hopes others to perceive oneself from the way one presented to others.

Due to one needs to be accepted by society, one’s persona sometimes differs from the real identity. The differences are worsened by social media makes one tries to share how perfect life is and what kind of achievement one had. In a way, it shows what a person cares about not only from social media but also from the way one socialize.

When one aims ideally towards a persona, it could make one changes into a better way. Positively, one could aim for the best to have that ideal persona. A hardworking student is trying his best to achieve a better grade. A novice singer rehearses regularly to have the hope of becoming a rising star. The difference between a persona and oneself motivates oneself to pursue an identity that resembles one’s ideal persona.

On the other hand, while one is over-obsessed on a persona while not working towards it in their real life. It will generate hiatus between an identity that one tries to shape and the inner self. It is an issue particularly for people under other’s attention, such as politicians, artists, influencers, etc. It doesn’t mean that it will not happen to an ordinary person.

If one could pay less attention to what other people thinks of oneself. The persona that one delivers would have a less obvious hiatus with the inner self. Human needs status and validation for their psychological needs. It would be challenging to integrate their persona with the inner self, especially since the persona is formed from a series of dishonest actions.

One should try to integrate the ideal persona that one wishes to be with the action. Moreover, one should not promote a fake persona. Other than it would generate an adverse psychological impact, it would also intoxicate others into aiming an astray persona. Therefore, a robust persona is a way to get self-validation and self-actualization.

“A persona is ideal, but do not let the ideal destroy your emotional state.”

What kind of persona do you have? Is it the real persona that you wish?

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