Your Close Friend Knows You The Best

Is your close friends the one who knows you the best?

Everyone has a different way to interact and treat people differently. To the family, one may be either following parent’s advice or ignore their words. To authority, such as teacher or boss, one may be more likely to follow their instruction and may not tell the real feeling towards any events. However, to a close friend, one likely to say anything one feels genuinely. Why does this happen?

Hierarchy, an arbitrary structure that keeps the society functions well, is ongoing in every human interaction. When one is in a family setting, parents and elder siblings tend to have a higher hierarchy. When one is in a business setting, customers and clients have a higher status than vendors or supplier.

Within a myriad of connections, communication affects the hierarchy and vice versa. When one’s status is higher than another, one may tend to disrespect, bossy, or have a sense of pride in another. On the other hand, the situation changes when the opposite happens. One may tend to respect or look up to another or afraid to speak up for oneself.

From the above point of view, it does not mean that hierarchy is unnecessary. On the other hand, social hierarchy is necessary to keep society to keep going. However, if one wants to understand others, one is supposed to be at the same level as the others.

Who is the person that has the same hierarchy as others? Close friend, people that have similarity in personality, a person that went through a similar problem in a period can be the one who understands yourself. It is useful to ask these people for their opinion on us. Why is it so?

These people will give you a genuine reaction to how they feel about you. If you are doing something correctly, they may respect and agree with you. Conversely, they may try to correct you constructively when you are making a mistake. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with your friend is essential for you to have an orderly life.

“From the upper hierarchy, We learn to follow authority. From the lower hierarchy, We learn to stay humble. From our hierarchy, we learn to understand ourselves.”

What is your communication style with your close friend?

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