Negotiate for Your Rights

Have you felt disadvantaged just because you don’t dare to say your opinion?

Purchasing items has been a necessity for everyone to satisfy needs. In this modern world, when the benchmark of a product has become unclear. One does not need to spend time to know the price of an item because of the fast information that could acquire from a few swipes. A negotiation is not necessary when one went to a shopping mall or convenience store. 

Compared to the old days, where people still bargain in the traditional market. One may develop a sense of the price of a product. There is a paradigm shift from pricing to the quality of the product. Specifically, one with consumerism behaviour often ignores the price.

When one has not gotten used to bargain, it is not beneficial in a disadvantage scenario, especially related to one’s rights. One will be disadvantaged in the long run if one does not have the skill to negotiate.

Because of the complacent and the ease of shopping in this era, one may forget the need to negotiate. For instance, when one is assigned with unreasonable tasks, or when the opportunity was taken implicitly. One who afraid to speak up and eventually lose what one needs and wants.

By negotiating, one is not only getting what one wants. One also getting respect from other people, given that one still communicates reasonably with others. If one does not know how to negotiate, one will be easily controlled by other people. Others will lose respect and look down on one eventually.

In short, negotiation is an important skill that one should possess. One is not only conveying what one needs but also achieve optimal mutual benefits from both parties.

“Negotiation is a communication method for one to preserve rights and needs.”

What kind of negotiation that you currently need immediately?

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