Initiative, Hardest Action for Achieving Objectives

Why initiative is the most challenging activity for achieving an objective?

“I want to clean my house and get my things done.” Anyone could have a dream or objective. However, more than often that some failed to achieve their goals. There are various stages of the process before generating a fruitful outcome.

The first stage, initiation, is usually the most challenging phase. Why is it hard compared to other parts of the process? Human tends to resist their current state. Human action consisted of the conscious and subconscious part. By doing something consciously, it will need more focus while our body will tend to resist it.

On the other hand, sub-conscious action requires less focus and energy compared to the conscious one. The activity is performed without one aware. One is likely to perform sub-conscious action on routine and habits. One repeats daily action by reflecting in countless time. The body will automatically act accordingly based on past actions to conserve energy for performing a routine.

What is the other reason that initiation needs a stronger will than the process itself? When one has started an action in a certain period, there may have a positive result that will keep one going. Moreover, the body will begin to adapt to novel things and habit formed at a slow pace. In the initial phase, one may feel uncomfortable or suffer from the action.

Other than physiological reasons, uncertainty also accounts for the inhibition of initiation. Human tends to stay in an explored territory and resist to explore new unknown territory. To counter this issue, the ability to overcome to adapt to unexplored territory is necessary, given that not all actions are uncertain.

Initiation and the process itself are both essential for achieving an objective. By overcome procrastination and fear, one could overcome the obstacle. By developing the ability to initiate, one could take action on things that is useful. Together, we could eventually be getting things done by an initiative.

Initiation of an action is the key of solving difficult issues in life.”

What action do you want to initiate for your goals?


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