A Delayed Gratification

One’s nature on delaying what one enjoy for the sake of a better future?

Human are social creature that tend to pursue a better life. Most people want to have a better life. A person with a better life is indicated by a better living standard, higher social status, and self-actualization. People often regret and being sad because fail to achieve objectives. There are various objectives that one wishes to achieve.

Some people will enjoy themselves on the things that they own. Imagine that one could enjoy oneself in a magnificent house, proudly owning a brand new phone and car that makes other people envy. It is more often one is not only pursuing physical items. As an emotional creature, everyone has different emotional needs and wants.

Because of the different emotional needs and wants, one often wishes to be validated by peers and society. Moreover, the presence of social media exacerbates the thirst of validation. In this society, there is an increase of needs compared to our ancestors, In particular, there is a shift from merely physical to emotional needs.

For one to obtain the needs, a number of challenges that one will face. For one to become a professor, one needs to sacrifice resting times t focus on research. Becoming a businessman, one needs to work more than 9 hours to develop a company.

It contradicts with the human nature of enjoying life in various ways. For example, going to a club and have fun with friends, shopping to fulfill desire, and resting easily because of the difficulty of work. From the above examples, procrastination and gratification will become the two most serious obstacles. Therefore, one needs to have the strength to delay gratification. However, how could one delay gratification?

Keep accountable and not giving up are two solutions for one to delay gratification. Being accountable, it means that one has a responsibility for oneself. By not giving up, one is fighting oneself inner will to procrastinate. By applying these solutions, one will be better in delaying gratification and eventually will achieve a better objective in life.

Accountability and persistency are the two main components of delaying gratification.”

What is your method of delaying gratification?

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