Productivity, A Matter of Habit

Some people could finish tasks faster with better results, how their ability is shaped?

Have you ever wondered? Some people are doing things very fast, neat, and having an outstanding result, whether in work, school, society, or public figures. One may feel that how does another could be always productive, is it because of their talent or because of other factors?

When one has done a task very fast with a good result. There are 3 main reasons: familiarity, mentality, and deadline. These 3 main reasons are inter-correlated. Regardless one has enjoy done their tasks or not, they are more likely trained to finish tasks in a relatively short time.

Familiarity on a Task

The familiarity on a task will reduce the time since one will clearly understand what to do when one has received it. Moreover, the human ability to find an easier way to finish it will improve productivity. The familiarity of a task is based on the prolonged period of redoing it repetitively.

Say No to “Procrastination”

“Want to go workout, just workout later. The homework deadline is next week, do it later”. Procrastination seems like a leisure way to defer the upcoming task. However, it is definitely a mindset that one tends to have but obstruct our life in future. It is usual for one to enjoy life. However, it is definitely not beneficial if the enjoyment will chronically bring hardship. Therefore, a mentality of not procrastinating is not only improving one’s productivity, but it will also guide one to have a better future.

Finishing Task Within Deadline

If a responsible person that has a lot of commitment, task, or deadline. He/she tends to prioritize them and try to actualize them within the target. Therefore, by making one busy until a certain extent, one will try to work hard and smart. When one can meet multiple deadlines effectively, that shows the ability for one to be productive.


Based on the three reasons, there is a cause of one to be productive, habit. A habit is an essential element for one to be productive. These habits can be formed under pressure, self-awareness, or even ambition. Regardless of the reasons, a person that sticks on what one wishes eventually will be productive and distinctive.

Habit, an essential element for one to be distinctive and productive.

What kind of habit do you want to form to be productive?


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  1. We really should avoid procrastination. There is no significant accomplishment ever made without enthusiasm.


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