Self-Validation, A Key Element of Confidence

Why self-validation is a key element of being confident?

Being confident should be a key element to live happily. Everyone attain confidence in a different way. A workaholic possesses confidence from the career achievement and the admiration of other co-workers. An experienced gamer acquires it through the superb gaming skill that could win almost every single game.

From these examples, one may observe that a person could gain confidence through the activities one enjoys doing. The more thing that one believes one can do, the more confidence one exert to surroundings. However, it is undeniable that some people are not confident, despite the superiority they possess, why does this phenomenon occur?

It is due to the lack of self-validation. a person’s self-validation could be triggered by other people. For instance, a guy believes that he is handsome if he has been confessed many times. A winner believes that he is capable of something after routinely awarded with prizes and certificates. However, how does one develops confidence without believe oneself?

One could start to change environment by doing new activities, meeting new people, or create a new project. As one could expect to obtain almost the same result by doing the same task, it is impossible to bring a change if one does not change the situation. By changing the action, one increase the chance to discover a brand new hobby/ability.

As one has developed a new hobby/ability, one will feel better by being more motivated to pursuing a hobby or develop an ability. Eventually, one could start to accept oneself. Sometimes the process of developing a hobby or master a skill takes some times and challenges. One will feel proud of oneself by accomplishing the challenges that one has.

Another solution is to start accepting weaknesses. Human as a holistic creature, strengths and weaknesses are available inherently in every single person. By accepting weaknesses, a person could be more self-aware. However, if one is over-focused on weaknesses, one could become pessimistic.

To conclude, if a person could be self-accepting in a positive way. One would not blindly believe that other people are better than oneself. By having a robust self-validation, it is tiresome for other people to challenge confidence. One could also be more peaceful to oneself and eventually, it will reflect in behavior to others.

“The more we believe and accepting ourselves, the more the world will be accepting ourselves.”

What action will you do to increase your self-validation?

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