Self-Discipline, A Route Towards Freedom

Do you feel having more freedom by chilling, or doing something productive consistently?

After working in the weekday, the weekend is days when most looking forward. Because on this day, one can sleep until very late, one could also be meeting friends to hang out. Most can do things that they want and enjoy their life in a tiring weekday.

Some people want to enjoy in their room and doing nothing. In the end, they are either playing a game and watching a drama. On the same time, they are also thinking to have a luxury holiday and have a better life quality. It is a paradox that people tend to want to live in high quality, but the idleness will try to stop people on achieving it. Therefore, how to achieve it?

Self-discipline definitely will become a solution for one to achieve anything. To create a start-up, one may require to work 11-12 hours a day for years. A medalist needs to persistently train oneself in the rigorous condition in a frame of time. In short, to do something great, one needs to have a strong discipline.

However, a common problem is it requires strength and ability to withstand disappointment. To make outstanding products, one must get used the failing of creating a new product. Once one has strong self-discipline, one will take failure and hindrance as a lesson to learn.

Another issue is the difficulty for one to start a habit to be self-discipline., especially for people that have not benefitted from it. These people will tend to give up easily. Therefore, aim small to improve self-discipline, such as cleaning a room or dress up oneself. Once one has gotten the benefit, it is easier for one to continue.

Self-discipline requires a lot of action, which may reduce our freedoms, especially in terms of time. However, by ignoring self-discipline, one will lose one’s freedom even more. By compromising self-discipline, it will definitely regret in the future. Therefore, self-discipline indeed is a definite route for one to achieve freedom.

“A self-discipline requires strength and action, that will eventually lead one to freedom.”

What kind of freedom that you can achieve by self-discipline?

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