Less Price or Better Quality?

Given that you have adequate money, will you choose better but expensive stuff or ordinary but cheaper stuff?

Currently, we are living in an era where we could buy almost anything in anytime. With convenience, one faces a myriad of option for purchasing things that one likes. With the countless option, one definitely has preferences on selecting which item to purchase. While multiple approaches are used for selecting products that result in different spending habits on people.

As a human tendency to enjoy a better life, a better item will apparently improve life quality. In terms of price and quality, expensive items usually will have better quality and vice versa. However, it does not apply to all things, such as luxury goods. These goods have little or no use, but to bring influence on the users social status.

However, not everyone has infinite cash to splurge and indulge. Conversely, most of us are only have an amount of fixed money from our salary that can be used to buy a finite amount of items for daily expenses. Hence, the cash that we spend on the goods we purchase will affect our life quality. Here comes a question, better to have fine goods that will cost more or save money by buying cheaper goods?

Wants vs Needs

Do you buy items because of your wants or your needs? There are a lot of unnecessary things that one purchases. Some have fallen into the illusion that by owning classy items will make yourself better, such as new clothes, phone, etc. However, the reality is the price that one pays is far less compared to the benefits gotten.

Some will blindly buy the brand new items because of the surroundings, and it will form habits. In other words, these people do not really know what they want, they are just following the crowds, with the fear to be excluded from their communities. If this situation happens, one will be struggling to determine whether it is a need or want.

Price-Function Comparison

Every day we face hundreds of products in various ways, where most products are known from advertisements. From advertisements, the products given are offered with benefits. It is very tempting to try the product, isn’t it?

It is OK to buy it if one could get the function and benefit with the money spend. Before one purchases the product, it is better to think about the benefit brought before the purchase. It is difficult for one to realize that one has analyzed thoroughly before any purchase. Therefore, one should engage a friend/family member to ask their opinion on whether the product is worth the price or not. But to take note, it’s useful when one asks the correct person.


It is totally up to you to buy a cheap thing or a good thing, as long as you has fulfilled your needs before your wants. Because when you blindly purchase for your wants before your needs, you will sacrifice your needs in the future. Moreover, careful analysis and friends that will stop you from buying unnecessary items will keep you financially healthy.

“Choose the thing that you own wisely, it will greatly affect your future.”

What are the things that you have regretted buying?


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