Comfort Zone and Danger Space

Is it better to stay within your comfort zone or expose yourself into space with uncertainty?

Humans are born in different conditions that vary with the periods occurred. Some are exposed to the challenging issue in longer terms, while the others are almost have a good day in their everyday life. People encounter specific problems with different duration. It leads to the shift of the mindset and reaction to resolve the issue.

Other than genetics, the reaction primarily is affected by imitating what one has learned from surroundings. It is relatively easier to solve problems that are faced before. One usually prefer to stay in the comfort zone rather than in the danger space. With the dwelling in these two different zones, what are the pro and cons of these two zones?

Comfort Zone

A guy that has a family as his support group will go back to his family whenever he encountered problems. Whenever he faced a problem in the , he will tell every issue that happened on the day. Doubtlessly, his family will support him with sympathy. He believes that his matters will be solved when he complained to his family. There are a countless number of situation can be called a comfort zone.

In the comfort zone, everything that one perceives is mundane, routine, and safe. One will not feel excited about what will happen. Everything is under control and achievable. It is the zone where one goes back when there is an unresolved problem faced in the outside world.

Danger Space

When a guy moves to another country to live, it is excited and adventurous. There are distinct differences in terms of language, culture, norm, etc. With this uncertainty, this guy needs to find a way to survive and assimilate into society. There is a lot of more extreme scenario in the danger space.

In the danger space, one will try to understand what is happened on the surrounding. Sometimes one fears to stay in this space and try to go back to the comfort zone. In this space, no one will help oneself, and one needs to figure out a way to overcome the challenge.

Among these zones, which zone is better for us to stay?

A Zone to Growth

The constant exposure of danger space may be beneficial to a person because it accustomed one to overcome the hardship. However, the overexposure will erode one’s ability to enjoy life. Moreover, when one overcome the problem, it may also lead to depression.

The overstaying in the comfort zone will lead one to stop growing because of the familiarity. It will inhibit one to re-think and do further action to improve oneself. As this world filled with problems and unknown, comfort zone itself won’t benefit one in the long run.

From the bright side, the danger space offers knowledge and experience. On the other hand, comfort zone provides a place for supporting one emotionally and make one feel safe. Therefore, a balance of danger space and comfort zone is required to optimize one’s growth.

“Keep explore and look back what have you done, and this is the beauty of the growing process.”

What can you do to balance your comfort zone and danger space?

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