Taking for Granted

Do you take everything for granted?

As different people are born in different backgrounds, some are raised with different privileges. Some are equipped with smart brains that make them excel academically, while the others are attractive and likable that let them achieve anything easier. When one thinks that what one deserved to obtain anything without effort, it will lead one takes everything for granted.

There are some common examples that one has taking things for granted. Imagine when a parents has bought game consoles to their child every year, when there is one year the parents stopped buying the game. Finally, the child hates their parents because of it because the child thinks that he deserved a game console from their parents every year. Isn’t it very selfish?

Everyone is subconsciously taking for granted for what they have. The education that they have, the lifestyle that they enjoy, the effort that other people put on them, etc. By taking everything for granted, it will bring several negative impacts to one’s personality.

One of the most noticeable effect is one doesn’t grateful with what one owns. Usually one is not grateful because of the ease of obtaining what one wishes. If one works seriously and put in efforts to obtain what one wants, one will be more grateful and will not taking things for granted.

Moreover, another negative effect when one has taking things for granted is one will tend to disrespect to other people. For example, a spoiled rich kid may be rude to their servants and disrespectful to his servant. It may lead him to have a bossy and rude attitude when he grows up. After knowing the impacts, what should one do to change this mindset?

We could just start with a thank you for the good thing that happens in our daily life. For example, we could just say thank you to the people who voluntarily help us. From there, people will think we are not taking this for granted. On the other hand, we could also share some positivity to others. By grateful to being ourselves, it will lead to better life to everyone.

“Don’t take things for granted. Instead, be grateful on what we have. From there, it will lead to a meaningful life.”

What kind of action that need to be done so one will not taking things for granted?


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