Personality: Impression vs Understanding

How does a first impression affect one to understand somebody?

When meeting a new person, one would try to understand behaviour based on the first impression, attributes, and status of a person. If a person is well-behaved and has a better conversational ability, the person could receive more positive feedbacks.

The first impression is profound if you are in a new environment or large social settings. In a new environment, it is essential to make an impression that meets most people expectations, which is not clearly defined. On the other hand, in social settings, the first impression is fundamental for define one’s position in the social network.

One may perceive others based on the first impression. With the proximity effect, one could relatively amplify the perception towards a person if one has a chance to get close with a person. If one has a good impression, one could have a much better impression, and vice versa.

In other perception, if one wants to get an in-depth understanding of a person. It is essential to observe the behaviour of one during the interaction with other people with a different attribute. From there, one could see what is the value of another person and not following the first impression,

Moreover, a clear understanding beyond the first impression will improve communication. The communication would be more effective and benefit both parties, with the condition when applied wisely. By consistently having the same personality with the impression with the ability to understand people, one could provide value to the others.

How do you understand people around you?

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  1. bangpro says:

    good article, i like it


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