A Willingness of Embracing Chaos

How to embrace the chaos in our inner self?

Chaos, a destructive element, is commonly avoided by people to maintain one’s well-being. It is the uncontrolled force that one avoids. It has infinitesimally protruded in our daily life. It varies from a minor problem to life-changing events such as the major disaster that brings fluctuation in one’s life.

Chaos is inevitable will be in a part of our lives. While procrastination inhibits corrective action taken, the entropy ould escalate in the surrounding environment and one’s mind. There are several sources of chaos. It is not only from the inner self but also the unknown that one encountered every day.

If one is not guided properly, one would rectify the chaos in a wrong method and transform itself into chaos in another form. Understanding chaos is different from one to another due to various life circumstances. one could find an incident as chaotic while another perceives it as order.

Communication, a verbal method to connect one and another, would support one to convey a statement to another. It is an effective tool to point out the chaos. During a group discussion, different people would make a point for the way people solving an issue.

Resilience, the ability of one withstanding adverse situation, is a reliable tool to embrace chaos. Most people may start as undisciplined being and fragile towards uncertainty. Constant life training is required to make one getting more resilient. To improve resiliency, one needs to push oneself into the maximum chaos that one could handle.

Confidence and inner strength are improved when solving the unknown. To embrace chaos, clear communication for delivering an issue and constant training of resiliency is necessary. One’s tolerance for chaos not only make one grows into a better person.

Communication and resilience is powerful tools to embraces chaos.”

What is your method to handle chaos in your life?

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