Dealing With Insecurity

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How do you deal with insecurity?

“I scared my boyfriend will break up with me …”, “I think I am not smart enough…”, “I fear I’m gonna lose my current job…” are some examples of insecurity that is faced by people. Everyone has different experiences that lead to insecurity. The insecurity in one’s heart formed due to life circumstances that one faced.

If no action is done to solve insecurity, it will be rooted in one’s life chronically. Insecurity will form a periodical cycle where one will keep repeating oneself on the exposure. If one focuses on the insecurity inside one’s heart, one will be continuously haunted by it. Moreover, it will slowly erode one’s motivation and self-esteem. To solve the problem, one needs to know what is the root of insecurity. There are several ways to resolve this problem.

Changing of Attitude

The changing of attitude will gradually change people’s view of one’s insecurity. Other than that, one will reconsider whether the insecurity matters him/her or not.

A shy girl is teased by her peers because of her personality. She should not feel upset and demoralized. Conversely, she should be smiling and proud of her appearance. People will think that she is confident herself and not interested in teasing her anymore. Finally, people will stop teasing her while alleviating her insecurity eventually.

Avoidance of Cue

Most insecurities are triggered by cues. It leads one to recall some awful experiences. To stop oneself fell into the cycle, one needs to avoid/ignore it.

An overweight guy may be concern about his weight. To avoid the cure, he should avoid going to a shopping mall. In result, he will not be tempted to eat at his favorite outlet. Other than that, he should stop opening the food promotion on social media or advertisement. From the avoidance, he may reduce his insecurity by eating more healthy food.

Challenge Your Insecurity

However, the previous solutions are only a short-term solution, while a long-term solution is needed. One needs to challenge insecurity by action and it takes times and efforts to overcome. The hardest is the insecurity will repeat once one has failed to overcome it.

If a guy is insecure about his career because of his grade, he should rethink reason that why he afraid. Is it his grade, his career, or other reasons? After knowing the reason, one needs to take action to change it.

If the reason is the grade, he needs to change his habit. He should not cram on the day before the exam or hang out with friends before it. He may also need to change his study style also. If the reason is worrying about career, he needs to set the target based on his capability. For whatever reason, he needs to set actions and plans to transform himself.

In the end, the one who mainly able to solve the insecurity is ourselves. Sometimes when we are hopeless because of our insecurity, we tend to ask our friends and families to help. Although they will eagerly provide solutions for you, this issue won’t solve by asking their opinion. If you are willing to change it, take whatever action to stop it. If you really cannot change the circumstances that make you insecure, let it go is also a wise option. Sometimes there is a lot of things that you can let go in this life.

What are you going to do to deal with insecurity?

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