Continue or Change?

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When you have committed yourself on the wrong choice, should you continue or change?

There are countless choices that we could decide in our lives, the place where we work, the partner that we choose, the school where we study, the book that we read, etc. One has to make choices when the time has come, even one hasn’t ready to make a choice. Our daily life has been a result of a myriad of choice that was done previously.

The consequences of the choice sometimes cost one a committed responsibility. The responsibility could be in commitment. If a high-school graduate has chosen to attend college, one must dedicate 3-4 years to graduate. If one decides to work overseas, one needs to get used to living in a different social culture.

It is undeniable to make some mistakes, not an exception for choice also. Sometimes one regret about the previous choice that has been done after having committed oneself several years on study, relationship, or anything else. The issue arises when one doesn’t want to change because one has invest time on the choice.

Other than investing time, some also afraid of the uncertainty that is induced from the change. Overall, it is harder to change than remain in the current state, although it may not be beneficial for one in the long run. After understanding the concern, how does one evaluate the need to change or remain in the same condition?

The choice done has been passed is past actions. It is not wise to consider past decisions into future factors. Therefore, if the benefit gotten by staying in the same condition is better than the change based on future consideration. It’s alright to have remained in the current situation.

Human as an emotional creature sometimes will make decisions based on the emotions over rational. It doesn’t mean that selecting a choice based on rationality is always better. However, don’t let your emotion, rationality, and past as the only reason for your choice. It is better to have a balance of emotion and rationality when making a choice. Doesn’t it make people wonderful by having the ability of thinking and feeling together?

Life is constantly changing, change yourself before life changes you.

What choice that you did that requires a change?


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