News, Emotion, and Action

What is your feeling when you read the news. Do you feel angry, happy, or is there any other feeling?

In this era, one could gather information with several clicks. It is convenient to have a real-time update of any incidents in other parts of the world. For example, there is news about a grand opening ceremony of an event or a war ongoing in a disputed region.

When one reads the news, the media who presented it may alter people opinion on perceiving an incident. If the information is presented provocatively, one will feel contempt towards and negatively perceive the incident. On the other hand, if a notorious accident is presented in a manipulated way, one may think it is reasonable to let such accidents happen.

A media always has a standpoint of view depends on what the state or media owner interest in. The same news can be presented in different ways and contrast styles. With the contradictive argument, one may be confused about which media present it correctly. It also shows the distinction is meant to shape public stigma towards an event.

Other than official media, the news could be gathered through other unofficial sources, such as messaging services and online groups. From these sources, although the information is often spread faster. However, it is more often erroneous and misleading. Therefore, one should be careful in filtering what one received.

Based on the above arguments, one may think that since the news are not reliable, should one avoid reading the information? In my opinion, the answer is yes and no. It is almost impossible for the information to be presented in a completely objective way, and it should not be. However, if a news source will provoke you to be opinionated, one should beware of the news given.

In the end, news has been a valuable source for one to connect with the world. In this fast-paced world, one needs to filter news clearly, which could be mitigated in two ways. Firstly, think about who will be benefitted from the news. Secondly, analyzing the news or accepting different inputs or opinion. With the mitigation action, one will perceive news wisely and have a better view of the world.

“Do not let news control your emotions and actions.”

What is the last time you have a content or contempt feeling because of news?

Goal and Action: An Intertwined Journey

Should one be more focus on goal or actions?

After graduation from a school or university, one is often confused about career selection. In school, a student is guided by teachers and achievement are set for one to achieve. However, after graduation, despite an underlying benchmark from society, a journey is no longer fully decided by the outside environment.

From the upbringing and influence of others in childhood, one has decided a way of living. Some people have a goal for their life journey. Some may choose to go with the flow – enjoying the process. On the other hand, some may pay attention to either both or none. Therefore, what should one focus on, action or goal, to have a worthwhile life journey?

The goal, an aim towards a point, usually are set to make one’s life have a guideline. One may have a goal to buy a car in 5 years or save money for travelling the world. A goal is often associated with a milestone that indicates wealth. Another may treat goal as a checkpoint in life, such as want to marry at a certain age or completing a life checklist.

Focusing on a goal often means going through many obstacles. One may overcome the obstacle in several ways. Some are setting minor tasks and correspondingly clearing them. The others may try to find a shortcut to complete the tasks. One issue of too focused on the goal is one may ignore the conscience, which one could rectify through actions.

Action, which accounts for most of the time of a journey, is where the concrete steps taken. Often, action needs to be under the guidance of a goal. Actions will likely get astray and become effortless without a clear direction. Conversely, a goal without action is merely a dream that is not actualized.

Goal and action, that intertwined with each other, are both important in a person’s journey. None of them is more important than each other. One could optimize what one wishes by focusing on the goal and action in the right mindset and harness it in the correct method.

Goal and action are two intertwined element for a meaningful life journey.”

What are your current goal and the concrete action that makes your life meaningful?

Negotiate for Your Rights

Have you felt disadvantaged just because you don’t dare to say your opinion?

Purchasing items has been a necessity for everyone to satisfy needs. In this modern world, when the benchmark of a product has become unclear. One does not need to spend time to know the price of an item because of the fast information that could acquire from a few swipes. A negotiation is not necessary when one went to a shopping mall or convenience store. 

Compared to the old days, where people still bargain in the traditional market. One may develop a sense of the price of a product. There is a paradigm shift from pricing to the quality of the product. Specifically, one with consumerism behaviour often ignores the price.

When one has not gotten used to bargain, it is not beneficial in a disadvantage scenario, especially related to one’s rights. One will be disadvantaged in the long run if one does not have the skill to negotiate.

Because of the complacent and the ease of shopping in this era, one may forget the need to negotiate. For instance, when one is assigned with unreasonable tasks, or when the opportunity was taken implicitly. One who afraid to speak up and eventually lose what one needs and wants.

By negotiating, one is not only getting what one wants. One also getting respect from other people, given that one still communicates reasonably with others. If one does not know how to negotiate, one will be easily controlled by other people. Others will lose respect and look down on one eventually.

In short, negotiation is an important skill that one should possess. One is not only conveying what one needs but also achieve optimal mutual benefits from both parties.

“Negotiation is a communication method for one to preserve rights and needs.”

What kind of negotiation that you currently need immediately?

Your Close Friend Knows You The Best

Is your close friends the one who knows you the best?

Everyone has a different way to interact and treat people differently. To the family, one may be either following parent’s advice or ignore their words. To authority, such as teacher or boss, one may be more likely to follow their instruction and may not tell the real feeling towards any events. However, to a close friend, one likely to say anything one feels genuinely. Why does this happen?

Hierarchy, an arbitrary structure that keeps the society functions well, is ongoing in every human interaction. When one is in a family setting, parents and elder siblings tend to have a higher hierarchy. When one is in a business setting, customers and clients have a higher status than vendors or supplier.

Within a myriad of connections, communication affects the hierarchy and vice versa. When one’s status is higher than another, one may tend to disrespect, bossy, or have a sense of pride in another. On the other hand, the situation changes when the opposite happens. One may tend to respect or look up to another or afraid to speak up for oneself.

From the above point of view, it does not mean that hierarchy is unnecessary. On the other hand, social hierarchy is necessary to keep society to keep going. However, if one wants to understand others, one is supposed to be at the same level as the others.

Who is the person that has the same hierarchy as others? Close friend, people that have similarity in personality, a person that went through a similar problem in a period can be the one who understands yourself. It is useful to ask these people for their opinion on us. Why is it so?

These people will give you a genuine reaction to how they feel about you. If you are doing something correctly, they may respect and agree with you. Conversely, they may try to correct you constructively when you are making a mistake. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with your friend is essential for you to have an orderly life.

“From the upper hierarchy, We learn to follow authority. From the lower hierarchy, We learn to stay humble. From our hierarchy, we learn to understand ourselves.”

What is your communication style with your close friend?

Initiative, Hardest Action for Achieving Objectives

Why initiative is the most challenging activity for achieving an objective?

“I want to clean my house and get my things done.” Anyone could have a dream or objective. However, more than often that some failed to achieve their goals. There are various stages of the process before generating a fruitful outcome.

The first stage, initiation, is usually the most challenging phase. Why is it hard compared to other parts of the process? Human tends to resist their current state. Human action consisted of the conscious and subconscious part. By doing something consciously, it will need more focus while our body will tend to resist it.

On the other hand, sub-conscious action requires less focus and energy compared to the conscious one. The activity is performed without one aware. One is likely to perform sub-conscious action on routine and habits. One repeats daily action by reflecting in countless time. The body will automatically act accordingly based on past actions to conserve energy for performing a routine.

What is the other reason that initiation needs a stronger will than the process itself? When one has started an action in a certain period, there may have a positive result that will keep one going. Moreover, the body will begin to adapt to novel things and habit formed at a slow pace. In the initial phase, one may feel uncomfortable or suffer from the action.

Other than physiological reasons, uncertainty also accounts for the inhibition of initiation. Human tends to stay in an explored territory and resist to explore new unknown territory. To counter this issue, the ability to overcome to adapt to unexplored territory is necessary, given that not all actions are uncertain.

Initiation and the process itself are both essential for achieving an objective. By overcome procrastination and fear, one could overcome the obstacle. By developing the ability to initiate, one could take action on things that is useful. Together, we could eventually be getting things done by an initiative.

Initiation of an action is the key of solving difficult issues in life.”

What action do you want to initiate for your goals?

Membership Card, A Promotion Trap

When you thought about buying a membership card, are you benefitted?

“Hey, do you want the limited edition membership card? You will get points and a 15% discount for every single purchase”. It’s prevalent to encounter these offers in a shopping center. It is very tempting, isn’t it? You may relate to it when you visit your favorite outlet frequently. For example, when you are visiting a shopping mall.

By owning a membership card, you may get the privilege to obtain a limited edition item, that sometimes only limited to member. On the other hand, one could get a first-hand discount from your favorite outlet or restaurant. However, is it beneficial to have one to have a membership card?

Ok, I need to talk about why it is not beneficial first. Generally, in my opinion, a membership card will have two disadvantages. First, if you need to pay a subscription fee for the membership card, you need to spend more to get back the subscription fee. Another phenomenon is practically infeasible to perform activities more than the subscription fee value.

Gym membership and bookstore membership card are two of the most common example. There is an annual subscription for both memberships. One likely to feel that one will be more frequent to visit either one of them. However, particularly for the gym, it is too early and eager to make a decision when one has not fully committed.

Secondly, for some of the membership that gives free points, some airlines or department store. There is a benefit of this type of membership card. The user does not require to commit oneself frequently to own a membership card. However, it will induce one having a sense of belonging to the product itself, which led one to ignore other products and options.

In the end, it’s totally fine to have a membership card. It depends on the user for how to use it. However, it is important to be rational before one has decided to purchase a membership card. One way is to check whether one has spent the money regularly on the store or not within six months. If yes, then it is reasonable to own a membership card.

“Think wisely and rationally before one has committed to an apparent benefit.”

What kind of membership card do you own? Is it worth it?

Tolerance and Adaptation

When you have encountered different opinions, are you going to have faith in your belief or try to accept them?

Differences, a word that describes a disagreement and dissimilarity, is what makes everyone has different opinions. Every day we have encountered differences among people that generates various points of view. Therefore, what action is needed when one disagrees because of various point of view?

Everyone has different actions after an event, while everyone was raised in various backgrounds and reacts based on previous experience. One could infer the mindset of a person based on the reaction. Therefore, what is a parameter to understand a person’s mindset?

When encountered a difference, everyone wants to prove their views are correct. Eventually, an argument will start among the parties. After several debates, it will lead to a conclusion. Both parties subconsciously will know who has the most reasonable point of view.

After the argument, having a better viewpoint is very important for both parties. The new perspective is an essential element for one to grow. With a broader perspective, one could think and consider more things before deciding on an action. By accepting a view, one could easier understand other people and have better communication skill.

In a sense, accepting other inputs is also makes one more open. To ask oneself whether one is open-minded or not, one will most likely answer yes. However, a close-minded person will not realize that one is close-minded. Therefore, the adaptability of oneself from different opinion can be used as an indication to check openness.

To sum up, it is undeniable that one will have a difference between one another. Therefore, to be open is important and essential to other people. By listening to other people, one will tend to be more open-minded. By being open-minded, one could apply tolerance in daily life and could adapt well with other people.

Openness is an essential element for one to have a tolerance mindset and adaptable personality.

What kind of action can one do to make oneself more open-minded?

More People, Less Task Done?

When doing a group project, do more people in the group accelerates the completion of the task?

Have you ever experienced joining a group project with only one or two people do most of the job? What is done by other group members? Surprisingly, most have a little to no contribution to the project. Sounds familiar? It does not mean that the other group members are lazy and irresponsible. Hence, what causes them not to contribute to the group project?

This phenomenon is called social aloofness, where one could alleviate trouble if other people are bearing responsibility. There are other circumstances that people will be social aloof. For example, the job that is distributed among people and not assigned clearly. Another example is when one has asked question in a group and finally no one answer it.

This phenomenon will keep oneself free from the problem. One tends to act based on the obligation instead of voluntary, results in ignorance of voluntary action. From ignorance, one could eliminate potential troubles in terms of energy, time, and money. Overall, it will be harmful to a group/social or a particular party.

Social aloofness formed because one thinks the mindset of other people is willing to take responsibility. This phenomenon is related to the human nature of procrastination. It will become a fatal issue in some circumstances. For instance, one sees an old lady is dying on the street, surrounding people are speculating instead of helping. There is a possibility for you be the spectator instead of helping

After one has realized this thinking fallacy, what action that one needs to do? If one has encountered a similar situation, try to be the one who makes the initiative. As human will tend to follow one another, it will effectively resolve an issue. On the other hand, try to give people a clear responsibility for their tasks.

Moreover, if you are the one who can control the task and situation, try to assign the task to fewer people. It will lead to the importance of these people and increase their awareness of responsibility. Therefore, more people does not necessarily get things done faster and easier.

“Initiate when there is no one in action, taking responsibility to make this world better.”

What is your experience on social aloofness?

Probability and Luck

If you are dealing with uncertainty, you will make your decision based on probability or luck?

All of us have faced thousands of scenarios every day. As most events will be a routine, there are novel experiences that make every day feels new. Among these scenarios, there are several problems that we could not decide directly, because due to the uncertainty.

These uncertainties are solvable if one has experienced beforehand, which is called experience. On the other hand, there is many scenarios that one could only decide based on luck, such as whether today will rain or traffic jam

Other than these minor examples, major events could influence our lives. Few of them such as the career that we choose, the school that we attend, the friend that we talk. We could not have a choice to select what we want sometimes. However, there is a moment that we could choose what we want. If there is uncertainty, should one choose it based on probability or luck?

Probability, a term that shows how likely an event will occur, could be an approach to make a decision. It is relatively straightforward to apply probability in decision-making. However, there is a common problem of probability. People will try to put a higher chance for events that appear on them more often, although there is less chance to happen.

One may have a stigma that an airplane will have a higher accident compared to a car, although the airplane is safer. The main issue is the difficulty to give a proper judgement because of the stereotype and general misconception.

Luck, a success that brought by pure chance. Luck is wishes and overrated to other people. The main issue of making a decision based on luck is the overestimation of fortune. It results in several phenomena such as the overvaluation of the stock market and continuous operation of the lottery ticket.

One may argue that probability may be better than luck for making a decision. However, one needs to think carefully for some thinking fallacies from chance and fortune. By thinking and deciding carefully, one could tackle fallacies and have a better decision in the uncertainty.

“Think carefully for probability and luck before making a decision.”

What is the common fallacy of considering probability and luck in a decision?

High Salary and Happiness

Does a high salary guarantee people to be happy?

The improvement of the overall economy in the world is formed based on the overall increase in productivity . There is a high demand for professional workers with adequate pay. It will lead to a remarkable increase in the number of middle class. By the significant increment of the middle-class proportion, it will increase the overall prosperity of the society.

By the improvement of prosperity, some skilled workers will have their salary increase. One could buy the items one likes, have a lifestyle that one wishes. Moreover, one will be easier to accumulate wealth. The money that one gets will improve life quality in terms of physical needs. However, is it guarantee one to be happy?

A higher salary will mean to the higher working time to produce and maintain the same outcome. One could argue that some of the professional workers may not need to work in long working hours. The employee may be stressful because of the long working hours applied to them.

From the phenomenon, it may lead one does not have a work-life balance. Eventually, it may make one does not have time to reflect oneself and have adequate time to rest and enjoy life, which leads to chronic depression. It may be the reason of the high turnover rate of talents in some stressful industries.

Another argument is due to the long working hours. a worker may accumulate stresses during the work. It will form the consumerism behavior to relieve stress by purchasing unwanted items. On one side, consumerism behavior will drive the economic wheel of society. On the other side, a high salary will help the company owner to accumulate wealth.

From the above examples, one may think that having a high salary may not make one happy. However, one could counter some issues such as work-life balance and consumerism behavior and have a proper trade-off between salary and happiness. One could earn a high salary with and satisfying life.

In the end, a high salary may be a common way to achieve happiness based on a social stigma. However, if getting a high pay needs to sacrifice more than one needs, it does not make one to have a fulfillment. Therefore, the balance between work, behavior, and money is necessary for self-actualization, an ultimate form of happiness.

“Balancing work, behavior, and money will eventually lead to the gratefulness and fulfillment of life.”

How does one be able to balance between these components?