Reflection, A Self-Understanding Action

How does self-reflection help one to understand oneself?

A mirror is used to see appearance. Whenever it is used, it reflects anything that passes through it. Within the reflection, everyone could see the objective reality that could be interpreted differently.

Humans would behave accordingly based on other’s actions. When one actions, others react instinctively based on their best interest. Despite people could act based on their best interests, do people understand their actions?

Any action does not have a correct answer. The differences would also lead to arguments, discussion, and different opinions among people. One could understand whether what one did is correct or not based on what others see.

However, it is not necessarily accurate to let others define you. It would make one people-pleasing while losing genuine identity. With a balance of understanding and reflecting, one of the approaches is to consider opinions from others. A collective message from people is aligned and show the proximity with the social norm.

It is easy to understand the world from our senses. However, none of our five senses can understand our inner emotions and actions directly. A constantly thinking and listening is fruitful after the execution of every move. A balance of thinking and listening is the key to understanding one’s inner self.

A constant reflection does not only make a person understand own flaw and weakness, but also orients oneself to achieve life satisfaction. With the willingness of listening and emphasize on others, one could be self-aware and self-conscious.

“Being reflective, one could be more responsible with every single action taken.

How do you understand yourself? Is it from reflection or other ways?


Protection and Freedom

Have you been stopped to do something risky by your parents when you’re young? How does it affect your growth?

A child, a potential, is necessary to be nurtured and guided by the parents. With a dependent and fragileness, a child is often fragile and protected by their parents. Under the prolonged upbringing, a child’s behaviour would be based on the environment the child in. Arguably, a family has the most significant impact on a child’s growth.

The dependency would usually decrease from the exposure that the child experience from the world. On another side, a protective attitude would inhibit a child from exploring the world. Stereotypically, it happens in some families that hold a conservative value.

When a child is trying to ride a bicycle, the parents are stopping him from trying out. Because the parents are afraid that their child would have an injury, they try to protect their child. Denying the possibility of declining the curiosity of the child would transform into avoidance. When the child has grown up, he/she would likely avoid the overcome the obstacles.

Indeed, protection is necessary when the child is facing some hardships. The role of the parents is to provide safe shelter physically and emotionally to their offspring. To become a reliable support system, the parents can take a friendly approach that closes the gap between parents and child.

On the other hand, a child usually is easily affected by any influences. The influence varies from the positive examples that inspire to the destructive environments that would let one astray during the growing process. Therefore, the freedom that is given should be limited to a certain extent.

It is challenging to provide a child chance to experience but preventing a child from getting astray. With the protection, the parents are protecting their fear. With the lack of dependency, the child would grow out of control that would grow infamously. Therefore, a suitable degree of protection and freedom is needed by a child to grow confidently.

Parents play a huge role to provide a necessary protection and freedom to their offspring.”

Do your parents make you regret based on their way of raising you?

Repetition, Mastery or Stagnation?

Repetition, is it the road towards mastery? Or is it the path towards stagnation?

Every day we are doing chores that repeat day by day throughout our whole life. These chores that one does every day is forming one’s ability on solving a particular problem. With repetition, one could execute a task with a better result with less effort. However, is it make one master a skill?

Imagine that you are doing the work in the same job scope every day. This mundane task will slow disable one’s ability to think, especially when the demand for quality is not required. For example, when one is doing patrolling or become a sales clerk. Initially, one may try to find a way to improve the effectiveness. However, working in this way in the long term would reach stagnation.

On the other hand, some activities/jobs require one to be in constant repetition for one to master the skill, such as sporting and cooking. One is unlikely to become the best unless a discipline repetition training, that requires a serious commitment.

On the white-collar job, such as lawyers and doctors, repetitiveness would be unlikely to make one professional. One needs to expose oneself to the various case studies that sharpen critical thinking for solving the problem, repetitions not effective on the progressive growth of these people.

Understanding and harnessing the practical application would benefit one in various ways. Other than one could improve the existing skill based on the repetition, one could venture a new ability and strengthen it through repetition.

Repetition is not necessarily made one mastering something or getting one into stagnation. But one could arguably believe that repetition in a creative way could hone the skill to make one become a discipline being. Repetition, an intensive habit towards transformation, could be the secret to mastery if it is used properly.

Repetition is the secret to mastery if could use it effectively.”

What is the thing that you do repetitively, yet you need to improve?

The Right Man on The Right Position

How does one maximize his/her talent?

When having social interaction, it is not hard to find other people strength based on their action. Some manifest through their hobbies, while others manifest it through their dreams and goal. While everyone bears a unique talent, one is more suitable for pursuing a specific career than the others.

Some people are expressing their talents by unleashing their potential through constant training, self-alignment, and self-reflection. The enjoyment and passion when one facing a challenge has made one go through all obstacle. Eventually, it makes one honing oneself into a better being.

The effort itself is not enough for one to be successful. The fact that everyone defines success differently, the general public would have a consensus on successful traits. Successful traits are closely related to work and life satisfaction. Therefore, what makes one feel successful and satisfied?

Firstly, stability comes when the work can keep the subsistence, which is a basic human need. More than that, self-actualization is required to make one feels more meaningful. However, before countless steps to actualize oneself, what is the first action?

Everyone has a different competence level and personality, where makes one suitable in one position than another. To be realistic, not everyone wants to be on the bottom of the hierarchy level. However, the right position should be held with the right person to maintain the order of society.

For one at the bottom of society, one needs to increase the competency through constant exposure to manageable challenges, such as studying, trying out new works, training, etc. It is relatively hard to change one’s personality as it is affected by the environment. Therefore, one needs to do the work that is suitable for one’s personality.

Sometimes when one is not doing well on the task. It is not necessarily due to indolence. On the other hand, competency and personality could impact the synergy. Therefore, it is wise to re-orient the capability to achieve maximum output. With the re-alignment, one could feel meaningful and valuable.

“By improving one’s competency and personality, one could optimize oneself and satisfy with the life.”

Do you work in the right position? If not, what is your action?

Appearance, Does It Matter?

Appearance, does it that important?

In this era, with the development of the economy, where one could afford something more and have time to pursue a lifestyle. Pursue a lifestyle has become a way for one to have self-actualization. One aspect that one could pursue lifestyle is through fashion and beauty.

Everyone has a different scorecard for beauty. People tend to enjoy something more beautiful. Although it sounds cliché, yet some are not aware of the importance of beauty. A particular society could have a stereotype of not only in term of good or bad but also happens in terms of beauty.

The culture of appearance has deeply instilled in the society, where globalization enhances people standard of beauty. Despite there is no fixed standard, there is a consensus of what one considered beauty. This argument could be supported by the development of influencer and stars that usually has set up a standard of beauty for society.

In a trivial way, when one is asked whether one considers attractiveness based on appearance. Some may reply that appearance does not matter. The answer may make one believes that one is not a superficial being. However, one could not deny the human nature of one’s propensity for appreciating beauty.

The importance of beauty does not mean that one should disdain people with less attractiveness. However, one should be aware that appearance is the way that how one is responsible towards life. Imagine if a guy does not properly shave the beard or never bathe. It does reflect one’s attitude towards life.

The appearance that one has is built up based on habits that are difficult to be changed. However, one could change it slowly through constant feedback. Appearance is not merely a superficial aspect, but it reflects one’s attitude towards life.

Do you think that appearance matters? How important that you think it is?

Revealing the Unwanted, Overcome the Fear

When encountered an issue involving others, why one needs to open up?

“Oh no, I have forgotten to turn off the boiler …. “, ” Ahhh … I forget today there is an important meeting…”. It is also stressful and annoying when one has to forget some key events. While some events would bring a domino effect that severely affects others, it is anxious to tell other people about issue in an emergency.

The fear of disclosing the problem is mainly due to several reasons. The fear of criticism from others could be the main reason why people refuse to tell the truth. Other than affecting self-esteem, but it could make others question the ability to solve issues.

Another reason is the belief that things will go well without telling anyone. When one has breached the rules, one may believe it could be ignored and passed eventually. Sometimes it may work while the issue is ignored. However, it does not always work in every scenario. Therefore, one needs to evaluate whether needs to tell the incident.

It may not have consequences if one has committed a mistake when one is young. When one grows older, one may bear more responsibilities in various forms – career, family, etc. It is inevitable for a human to make mistakes. However, when one has gone astray and denying to admit. In a way, it could lead to a catastrophe in one’s life.

For instance, a corrupted official has refused to admit his mistake. To hidden the issue, he threatened others by using his power. The ignorance of the rectification is not only destroying the personality and of the transparency of his agency. Willful blindness from his action would bring negative consequences to the people.

To sum up, one may have fear telling the truth when it is unfavourable to the truth-teller. However, one needs to overcome the fear and bear the consequences and responsibility before things getting worse. By rectifying the issue, one becomes mentally stronger to face further challenges.

“By rectifying the mistake, it does not show one’s weakness. Instead, it shows the willingness and perseverance to solve the problem.”

What will you do if you encountered an emergency issue?

A Willingness of Embracing Chaos

How to embrace the chaos in our inner self?

Chaos, a destructive element, is commonly avoided by people to maintain one’s well-being. It is the uncontrolled force that one avoids. It has infinitesimally protruded in our daily life. It varies from a minor problem to life-changing events such as the major disaster that brings fluctuation in one’s life.

Chaos is inevitable will be in a part of our lives. While procrastination inhibits corrective action taken, the entropy ould escalate in the surrounding environment and one’s mind. There are several sources of chaos. It is not only from the inner self but also the unknown that one encountered every day.

If one is not guided properly, one would rectify the chaos in a wrong method and transform itself into chaos in another form. Understanding chaos is different from one to another due to various life circumstances. one could find an incident as chaotic while another perceives it as order.

Communication, a verbal method to connect one and another, would support one to convey a statement to another. It is an effective tool to point out the chaos. During a group discussion, different people would make a point for the way people solving an issue.

Resilience, the ability of one withstanding adverse situation, is a reliable tool to embrace chaos. Most people may start as undisciplined being and fragile towards uncertainty. Constant life training is required to make one getting more resilient. To improve resiliency, one needs to push oneself into the maximum chaos that one could handle.

Confidence and inner strength are improved when solving the unknown. To embrace chaos, clear communication for delivering an issue and constant training of resiliency is necessary. One’s tolerance for chaos not only make one grows into a better person.

Communication and resilience is powerful tools to embraces chaos.”

What is your method to handle chaos in your life?

Personality: Impression vs Understanding

How does a first impression affect one to understand somebody?

When meeting a new person, one would try to understand behaviour based on the first impression, attributes, and status of a person. If a person is well-behaved and has a better conversational ability, the person could receive more positive feedbacks.

The first impression is profound if you are in a new environment or large social settings. In a new environment, it is essential to make an impression that meets most people expectations, which is not clearly defined. On the other hand, in social settings, the first impression is fundamental for define one’s position in the social network.

One may perceive others based on the first impression. With the proximity effect, one could relatively amplify the perception towards a person if one has a chance to get close with a person. If one has a good impression, one could have a much better impression, and vice versa.

In other perception, if one wants to get an in-depth understanding of a person. It is essential to observe the behaviour of one during the interaction with other people with a different attribute. From there, one could see what is the value of another person and not following the first impression,

Moreover, a clear understanding beyond the first impression will improve communication. The communication would be more effective and benefit both parties, with the condition when applied wisely. By consistently having the same personality with the impression with the ability to understand people, one could provide value to the others.

How do you understand people around you?

The Courage to Facing Issue

When facing an unfriendly person, are you going to avoid it or facing it bravely?

Every day various challenge comes either from external or internal. While facing a challenge, one’s attitude often deciding the outcome of an issue. With countless possibilities, one could solve the problem with little to no effort. On the other hand, another has anxiety caused by the difficulty to find a solution.

Human, with a dualism personality, is often the one that generates the problem for one another. Depends on tolerance, one prefers a person with favourable traits. It depends on the value that one believes. On the other hand, if it is against what one believes, one may suffer and avoiding them.

When facing the people that possess traits that against one, one would change and adapt the behaviour to handle people. Therefore, the behaviour differs from benefitting other people, such as tolerance, submissive, and distress. There is also behaviour that confronts others from arguing until fighting back.

It is confusing to decide whether to tolerate other behaviours or voicing out unpleasant feeling towards another. One faces it frequently when encountering an authority. If one gives in on the problem, it will induce resentment and erode one’s confidence. On the other hand, directly confronting them would harm oneself.

Instead of winning over an argument and being resentful, one needs to be objective and rational to find the root cause. Ideally speaking, it could be challenging for most people if the issue is related to personal behaviour issue. However, being objective does not mean people themselves are not the root cause.

If the confrontation is unavoidable, facing it straightly could be the best solution. By fighting for own rights, one could retain the respect of other people and let others know your boundary. On another side, one could be braver in facing issues and keep being strong in adversity. Therefore, when one is facing a problem, standing straight and facing the issue courageously.

What kind of issue that you need to face straightforwardly?

Creativity in a Constraint

Why creativity is a solution to solve a limitation?

When one hears of the word “creativity”, one could associate it with art or something related to abstract ideas. Creativity, an idea generated from the unconventional thinking method, is a skill that is essential despite no clear way to cultivate it.

In real life, creativity is not only limited to some fancy arts. It encompasses every single aspect of life. The living standard that people enjoy currently is the multitude of creative solutions that improve lives.

Creativity is especially to tackle the constrain given in the situation. For example, a space constraint will make one forced to think of a space-effective layout. When one embraces creativity, one would not break the rules and solve the problem beautifully.

When one studies in school or work in a company, most may follow the rule to get things done. To bring changes, one is not only following the rules but also distinct oneself through creativity. The more creative one is, the more valuable one is, given that one follows the game rules.

Creativity is a vague idea that needs to be actualized. With creativity, a person would strive beautifully. Before one has got through creativity, one needs to learn the basic rules. The basic rules that support creativity could provide a solution that would transform the world.

However, it is often that one ignores that the importance of creativity. To embrace creativity, one sometimes may need to listen to an opinion that contradicts one’s view. One is also to get used to people who break the norm. In a way, increasing tolerance of other people view would enhance one’s creativity. By incorporate other’s point and overcome the limitation, one could enjoy the benefit that creativity brings.

Creativity is an effective solution to overcome a multitude of limitation.”

What is the limitation that you face currently? Could it be solved creatively?