Spectrum of Mistake

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

What kind of mistake is encouraged? What kind of mistake needs to avoid?

People make mistakes regularly with different scales and mindsets. The mistake can be classified as intentional or subconscious. The consequences of it could vary from trivial to critical depending on the impact.

One wishes to avoid a mistake. For some, it can be committed as it is believed as reasonable. It is due to a different standpoint of view, the difference in personality, miscommunication, etc.

In general, a mistake could trigger unpleasant emotions. It reflects a sign of weakness that shows incompetency. It is not surprising that people will try to hide their mistakes. It is not only physical consequences but also mental disruption.

However, a mistake is not something that one should despise. Some mistakes are necessary to let oneself improve. The willingness to take risks, the unintentional action, and a wrong decision made due to lack of information should not be disdained.

Of course, one should pay attention to the type of mistake. Else, it may lead to a detrimental outcome. One should take action against ignorance, laziness, and intentional misconduct to prevent it happens again. As the mistake attributed to the behaviour, it is something one could control.

Mistakes are unavoidable in our lives. However, one should not be afraid of making mistakes. Instead, one should know the nature of the fault before committing it. When one has the chance to become the assessor, try to find the root cause before deciding on the call for the consequences.

“Mistake is unavoidable, yet the attitude towards mistake plays a huge part to the subsequent move.”

How do you classify the mistake? Is it by the seriousness or issue, or other factors?


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