The Reimpression Mechanism

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What is the benefit of reviewing your impression of a thing?

One tends to form an opinion and impression towards something novel. Whether it’s an action by people, environment, or incident, the emotion triggered has crystallized in our minds based on experience.

These experiences can be applied when one has encountered a similar situation. The experience can be used as a direction to “simplify” the problem, which one can classify into knowledge and impression aspects. The sub-part of the memory is interlinked that affects our decision-making.

Where the problem with heavily relying on knowledge will tend to be more straightforward, it doesn’t come in the same way with impression. The impression that one has towards something is related to how one feels. Instantly, it deals with the emotion and value that can be ambivalent and subjective.

Due to the ambivalent and subjective nature, the decision made by pure impression is relatively biased. The prejudice does not necessarily always lead to a negative outcome. It provides a shortcut to prevent a problem.

Therefore, one should not ignore the impression and gut feeling yet need to reconsider the decision and the consequences of the action. The reconsideration of our decision is not only focused on the problem related to one’s impression. When one questions knowledge, one may find a possible innovation and improvement.

Through the reimpression, one could reshape the prejudice and have a more reasonable decision. While most of the problems in real life are open-ended questions, requestioning the statement will lead us to get more ideas about how to perceive things differently.

Do you think the reimpression is necessary to shape your view point?


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