The Lie of Omission

How could the lie of omission affect our decision making?

Lie, a distortion of truth, can be spoken of with different motives. Low self-esteem, a need for validation, protection of information, and many unknown reasons. The lie committed can affect judgement regardless the lie is exposed or not.

A lie is in many forms, and people tend to justify it for various reasons. The lie can be grouped into two based on the intention: commission and omission. Generally, the lie of commission is what one has known as the intentional lie. A lie of commission can be detected by incoherency between the fact and the statement.

The lie of omission is delivered by omitting the fact that would let the others think differently. An example of a lie of omission is intentionally neglecting the communication of bad news ,where the information may lead to even worse consequences.

In this case, the lie of omission is less noticed as it is not involved directly lying. Yet, the omission of fact itself will bring up consequences that are as serious as a lie of commission. It could affect the relationship with other people.

Imagine when an employee is hiding some bad news from the supervisor that will affect a business operation. It can be alleviated by telling the truth and a lot of mishaps. An omission of facts during a statement/speech will make the receiver have a wrong mindset and commit a large-scale mistake.

Sadly, a number of people do not find the importance of the lie of omission. To prevent it, improving the clarity and telling the truth, even if it is a bad news, is a potion to make one free from worries about by the omission of fact. To speak up clearly could make the communication more meaningful and beautiful.

By telling the truth and improving the clarity of information, the communication will be more meaningful.”


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