New Order and Existing System

What is the characteristic of the new order and existing system? Is it able to coexist?

A new order, where the obsolete system has just been replaced or overthrown, is the point when a system is not stable. In this order, the framework is vulnerable to change. The people are either attempting to adapt to the changes or have a sense of freedom from the order.

On the other hand, an existing system formed after an extensive period. Apart from the new order, The well-established system can’t be overthrown easily due to a robust framework. The rules have been implemented directly or indirectly by the member. One may feel comfortable refusing the change or getting sick of it and hoping for change.

Each new order and the existing system has its strengths and weaknesses. There is always a supporter of the new order and the prevailing system. The new order can be in various forms, such as a new leader, government, political system, or even the establishment of a new company, etc.

The establishment of new order begins with dissatisfaction with the old order where the old order corroded. If the existing system is robust, the new order can be inhibited through the established framework, given that there is a proper power transition.

The new order is not necessarily beneficial or detrimental. The new order will prevail if the majority benefits through the establishment. This order is usually led by visionary figures equipped with outstanding rhetorical ability. In this stage, the system is not stable and vulnerable.

In comparison, the existing system offers stability to the member. It could bring a stable rate of development with the proper framework, when is the moment where greater prosperity is achieved. However, the stagnation could lead to regression due to complacency and lack of innovation.

The existing system is necessary to ensure the system is functioning well. However, it should also embrace input and accept the new idea to bring progress to the system. If not, a new order is necessary to challenge the existing system to keep the whole system performing productively.

Do you prefer a new order or an existing system? Why?


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