The Aberration of Norm

Why do people feel offended by the action from people with different cultures?

Every society is ruled by its people with the support of its laws and norms. The laws directly control the people to ensure the people are under control. Other than the explicit rules that would bring direct consequences, there is an implicit rule called norm,

Norm is the implicit rules that control the way people behave in society. To be accepted by society, a person should conform to the norms. Although it is not explicitly complying, the disregard could result in unacceptance from the surrounding.

Society has developed distinct norms and laws due to its history, culture, and necessary development. Among these three, culture has the most significant impact. It does not mean the law imposed has less impact.

When one is raised in a homogeneous society, one should fully apprehend the underlying rules. However, it could be hard for a person who has a very different culture adapting the custom. The unintentional action may become misconduct due to the misunderstanding.

The unintentional action done may seem offensive. However, it is due to the different ways of upbringing that resulted in differences. Some societies with higher tolerance would welcome new ideas and tend to be progressive. On the other hand, some conservative groups may exclude outsiders preserving the local culture.

For oneself, one should be aware of the local custom when travelling or staying in another place. On the other hand, there is an occasion when one may encounter a foreigner with different habits. It is important to communicate if the action is offensive. Being aware of the aberration, one could defuse a potential conflict from the misunderstanding.

How do you appreciate the norm from other cultures?


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