An Emotional Hijacking

How does one behave during the emotional hijacking?

The emotional dynamic of humans is shaped through life events, the environment, and the value system of the surroundings. Some people can take negative emotions better than others and perform well under stress.

The negative emotions that one possesses can be a double-edged sword depending on the situation. Negative emotion can be triggered when the trigger could harm the person’s survival or self-interest. Negative emotion functioned as an alarm system in the human body.

When the alarm has been activated frequently, the body will start to normalize the alarm system. It could be the default mode of one’s emotion. If one has been pressured chronically, one could be anxious easily. If one has been severely taken advantage of, one may become depressed.

Negative emotions sometimes can help one to become more productive. The anxiety can make one more careful and hardworking. Fear can let one follow the rule. The proper display of anger would make one respect the other.

The main issue is when one is doing something irrational and unreasonable when the emotion is out of control. When one self sabotages oneself, it will be harmful to the surrounding.

Negative emotion is not necessarily a bad thing. One way is to improve self-awareness through active listening to other people. Moreover, understanding the trigger would eventually help one possess negative emotions. With the control, it would gradually transform one to become a better person.

“Negative emotions could be a double-edged sword depending on how one controls it.”

What is the last time you have negative emotions? How do you handle it?


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