A Distorted Virtue

When a person criticizes the other, is it constructive? If not, why do people keep doing it?

One may encounter actions that do not fit the personal value in daily life. A person with high cleanliness standards may find a person not as clean as him as dirty. The difference may lead to the inner critic that may convey to other people.

When the difference leads to an unpleasant feeling, one may start to complain or criticize to make things in “order”. The way to convey the problem will be detrimental to the relationship if the issue delivery is not done appropriately.

The delivery of the issue should be per the person’s personality. Some prefer a confrontation, while others prefer an indirect approach. The wrong method may lead to hatred feelings for the critic. The willingness to rectify the issue eventually becomes the action to escalate the problem.

Other than the wrong approach to escalating problems, selfishness and overfocus on self-interest will result in a detrimental outcome. Ideally speaking, it will lead to distorted criticism, which is not a virtue. The lie of commission and omission will lead to misinterpretation.

The misinterpretation leads to the wrong action taken. It would lead to a toxic environment where productivity and emotional health will be affected. An open conversation between both parties is necessary to prevent misunderstanding to stop the cycle of condemning others.

Selfishness and self-interest that harms the other will eventually lead the life into a living hell. Therefore, controlling the emotion, telling the truth, and showing empathy will alleviate the issue. Through these actions, true virtue will only prevail in life.

Have you experienced a distorted fact that makes you suffer?


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