Spectrum of Excitement

Why do people have a different spectrum for excitement?

Getting excited has made people be more looking forward to their lives. The action that one does, other than responsibility, is often to pursue the excitement in their lives. Some are expressing their excitement, while others are struggling for it.

Excitement can be triggered in different ways. A person may feel high by going for a spiritual tour, while another will feel excited by getting a good grade. The excitement can be generated through the gratification or reward received.

However, people assess excitement in different ways. For instance, some appreciate jazz more than pop. On the other hand, one may disdain people who like to party. The excitement that one experiences sometimes cannot be related to others.

The experiences and personality that are shaped by the environment would decide the way how people reacts. Moreover, the lifestyle that one possesses also determine a person’s capability to delay gratification. The ability to delay gratification can be trained and shaped through circumstances faced.

The trouble arises when one cannot appreciate the way others pursue pleasure. Ultimately, the root cause is the different belief systems that separate one from another. One will always encounter people that have a different value system.

One does not necessarily need to understand others’ tastes for excitement. Instead, one should respect others’ ways to pursue pleasure. One may have a new perspective when encountering new things from others and slowly broaden the way to enjoy life.

On what occasion you will enjoy it the most? Are you enjoying life expressively and lively?


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