The Replacement of Cognitive

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What are the things that can challenge human cognition in labour?

The miraculous transformation of life standard undeniably through the remarkable transformation The process that began with manual dexterity ended with cognitive capability prevails in world progression. It indicates the changing of workforce characteristics in the last few centuries.

The promotion of education in the last few decades has brought the transformation of human productivity, where positive externality amplifies the industrious mindset of people. Specifically, these people have brought significant changes, where competitiveness goes along with progression concurrently.

The flow of information and the ability of a computer to gather data has been unprecedented better than humans. Knowledge retained in a brain can be easily replaced by a minuscule fragment of memory disc and with a higher retention rate. Additionally, the detailed calculation can be calculated by hyper-speed computers and machines.

Ironically, humans will make much more errors than machines nowadays. The bias to make a decision can be solved by decision tools software. While it produces much less error than humans, human intervention could improve the capability.

In many ways, technology has given the ability for humans to do much more things than before. The ability to solve problems that humans can’t solve also made it a double-edged sword that arguably would increase the complacency mentality.

Cognitive ability has become more fluid and profound than before. One lives in an era where only the selective cognitive ability is worth more than the others. The present challenge for the modern world is the work that requires intelligence could be replaced by technology. Novel ideas and skills have become more relevant and keep humans competitive.

While human enjoys technology, human also needs to increase the capability to harness technology to simplify the work. The increase of processing systems will enable humans to change the workforce characteristic to be technologically adaptive.

“Harnessing technology and keep learning can be the way for humans to stay competitive in this technology-driven world.

What is the thing that you think could challenge human cognition?


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