The Accelerated Development

Will humans have a more enjoyable life in a world with fast-paced development?

A brand new phone series always amazed millions of tech-lovers with the feature that seems elegant that improves the quality of usage. With the fast-paced development, the new phone will obsolete sooner than before.

The shifting of attention to something novel is not only applicable in the technology sector. An influencer or singer with countless fans may be ignored faster than before. The tendency towards novelty becomes the culprit of the short attention span.

There are many remarkable breakthroughs in various human aspects due to effective project development and innovation in this modern society. The progress that changes human lives significantly brings unprecedented connectivity among people.

Ironically, the cost of development is often through the sacrifice of resources. The work initially wished to improve living standards to make life more convenient. On the other hand, the hierarchy of society demands more projects to keep the development ongoing.

The development is not necessarily detrimental as it supports the constant progression of society. However, one should avoid creating a project for the sake of running a project, where it will result in a counter-productive outcome and lowering morale.

With the wants of development, one will try to break the capabilities threshold. The development arguably will bring a positive impact to the human being. However, it also will force people to work more to sustain the rate.

It is not feasible to slow down the rate of development (at least nations and corporations won’t allow it). The global scale of competitiveness ensures that development machines work non-stop. For a person, it is profound to decide whether the development aligns with the personal goal and value. Else, the progression wave will affect a person adversely.

The development can’t be decelerated, yet one can reevaluate whether it is necessary to keep it going or slow it down.

What is your opinion of the accelerated development of this world?


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