Revolution and Development

Do revolution and progress always correlate with development?

The rise of humanity in our mother nature is supported by the countless progression and revolutions that constantly bring changes to the Earth. The changes and progress will change people’s norms to a certain degree.
Progression has been appreciated in every aspect of life.

Progress has constantly brought humanity to enjoy a better standard of life. One often not fully aware of the living standard is through the countless invention and breakthroughs. Progress occurs in different scales from countries development to celebrate a small personal goal. The project should align with the public interest. Otherwise, it may harm the established system.

To a certain extent, it will eventually reach stagnation if there is no innovation. The stagnation is the outcome of the complacency mentality. If innovation and a robust system are absent, the resistance provided by stagnation will lead to a revolution.

The revolution, in a positive way, such as the innovation of novel technology and the finding of new medicine. However, not all resistance happened without any sacrifice. The uprising that abrupt people’s fate will usually come with a cost, such as war or the change of era.

Progression and revolution inevitable contribute to the change of this world. It juxtaposes each other where it is unstoppable as humans will continue progress. To embrace continual improvement and innovation, one needs to constantly adapt to changes while reevaluating the value that has been accumulated.

Revolution and progression are the key factors of human development.”

What is your opinion regarding revolution and progression?


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