Intriguing Irrelevancy

Are you drawn to ideas that may be irrelevant to your daily life?

This world has an unlimited possibility from countless forces acting upon this world. Humans try to understand the world by studying what happens and reacting accordingly. With intelligence and curiosity, humans can transform possibilities into a controllable force.

Other than understanding the world, humans also can imagine abstract ideas. The abstract is not only reflected one’s intelligence. The idea itself is also a symbol of consciousness. The hybrid of the traits can be harnessed for the positive development of this world.

Human needs information to make better decision to ensure human survival. In this fast-paced era, the excess often leads one to discuss topics that are irrelevant to us. The war ongoing in the Middle East will have almost no direct effect on the one who lives in South America.

By scrutinizing individually, a person may be intrigued by the news that happened to surround us. By overpaying attention to the information, one may ignore the critical agenda. The irrelevant information will mislead one to prioritize other things.

However, the irrelevancy itself could be beneficial in two conditions. First, the irrelevancy thought is supported by the action. Second, the originality of the idea that free from mass influence. The promotion of independent thinking in this era ironically is controlled by the powerful one, which is much more influencing than before.

t may seem that one should avoid irrelevant information. However, intrigue can help one to train critical thinking. To tackle the issue, one should select the correct media to obtain information and not over-focus on things that is not relevant. It is crucial to give attention to the relevant information. The information is not only saving time on trivial stuff but also improves imagination and critical thinking.

How much of your time do you spend on irrelevant things?


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