Displacement of Sanity

Why some people can withstand higher pressure than others?

In a certain period, one may counter sets of challenges. Some people face it easily, while others are overwhelmed and struggling with it. The challenges faced may encompass multidimensional aspects, where the challenges can be solved when one has the bravery and persistence to confront them.

When one goes to a wet market, one may find the action of ox-slaughtering, performed daily by the butcher, disturbing. For an ordinary person, it may change the perception of an omnivoric diet. For a butcher, it’s considered a norm. At this point, can we consider the butcher as inhumane?

Massacre, a more extreme example, involves two parties with a distinct strength. The dominating party arbitrarily exercises the power to kill the weaker one. From a humanitarian aspect, it is deemed ruthless. However, the sad truth, is massacres happen occasionally in human history.

The ruthless action is doubted can be done naturally without any initiation from the leader. The emotional manipulation can be done through training, enforcement, propaganda, or constant torture, where one will slowly shift the mindset, to a moment where the sanity is eroded.

The mindset shift can be harnessed for practical purposes. A military trains its soldier to be unconditional obedience to the order. Security is trained to be disagreeable to ensure the security of a premise. The ruthless aspect is necessary to ensure the proper operation in society.

The displacement of sanity can be implemented to improve one’s daily life. The training or action that is considered overloaded can help one to be more resilient. The reward after going through the challenge may make one feel more confident. However, a greater purpose or goal is necessary or else it will be pure torture.

What is the daunting event that you never believe could be overcome?

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