The Beauty of Optimizing a Routine

Why does an experienced cook serve dishes faster? What makes it interesting?

On a Sunday night, I was strolling through the hawker centre around the neighbourhood. To tackle my hunger, I was indecisively ordering a dish. While waiting for the order, I was astonished by the cooking trick performed.

Slowly after the dish was served, I asked the person how long he had been cooking in the stall. With a smile, he answered he had repeated it for ten years. The honing of an impressive cooking skill can be mastered through repetition.

The trick performed through the cook resembles the mundane daily task that one does repetitively. When one performs a task repetitively, one will find a faster way to execute it. Initially, one may take a very long time to finish with a higher chance of a mistake occurring.

With the human ability to work effectively, especially the task is specialized. The work done will have a remarkable quality that completed within a short period. The optimization will improve the productivity of a group if the task is performed repetitively.

During the optimization, one’s brain will eliminate redundant moves for performing the task. However, it will reach a threshold where one can’t improve it at all. Therefore, optimization is possible when one opens to a new idea after mastering the task.

“The beauty of routine lies in harnessing human inventiveness on improving productivity.”

What is the task where you have a knack for it? Did you repeat it before you mastered the skill?


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