Freedom and Rules

How do freedom and rules play a part to sustain and organizing oneself?

Freedom, a privilege to choose the option without the limitation from external forces, has been promoted to improve human rights. When one is free, one has the luxury to do whatever one wants. Freedom will usually lead to a positive emotion that leads to short-term happiness.

When one has a short vacation, it is freedom. When one can control oneself, it is also freedom. The definition of freedom differs from one another, tailor-made and generally correlated with life satisfaction.

Freedom, pursued by most people, may bring hidden risks long run on a micro-scale or macro-scale. Splurging cash in year-end sales or just having fun and avoiding responsibility, these examples illustrate when one cannot control the freedom given. In these cases, the action done can be deemed unsustainable.

When freedom is not harnessed, it will be slowly taken out involuntarily. Rules are necessary to be there to preserve the available choice. Regulations can be self-imposed for one not to astray and regulate self-control. On a large scale, due to people’s tendency to have a personal interest, the rule can be formalized to have order and collective group interest.

Indolence within oneself will make one lean towards freedom, where both terms closely correlate with one another. However, there is also a downside of rules and regulations. Over formulated rules will reduce one’s flexibility and will result in counter-productive.

Therefore, a balance of freedom and rules are necessary to keep things orderly, sustainable, productive, and fulfilling. Freedom is the one that people aim to be progressive and innovative. On the other hand, rules prevent misuse of freedom and limits complacency.

“A balance of freedom and rules is essential to keep one in order and sustainable.”

What action can one do to maintain the autonomous and compliance within oneself?


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