A Selective Attention

How would selective attention help one to focus? What is the drawback of paying attention selectively?

Every day there are lots of things that happen around us. Countless events around us, while some are more relevant than others. With the limited energy and attention span, one could only pay attention to things selectively.

One would care about the things that suit one interest and something that related to us closely. If the event affects us significantly, one will pay much more attention to that consequence with ignorance of other events.

Selective attention has its advantages and drawbacks. The focus is necessary for one to focus on the aim. On the other hand, it could make one be over believe that will ignore some negative cues that would make a person fail.

The limited attention span would help someone filter out the noise from other people. However, the presence of attention providers such as news, entertainment, social media let one less focus on the relevant thing. For one to cope with countless events, the attention span is shortened.

However, when one is obsessed with it, by giving attention disproportionally, one will ignore the input from other people that may show an emergency sign to ourselves. By over-attentive, faith and belief can be deemed as stubborn and close-minded.

Attention can be harnessed as an effective tool to reach one’s dream and goal by filtering unnecessary events. By being attentive with the acceptance of others’ input, One could direct the attention in a correct path and transform into a better human.

Are you able to pay attention effectively? How to pay attention properly to the surrounding?


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