Inheritance and Identity

Are we able to freely choose our own identity?

From the moment that one is born, destiny has been somehow determined. From the family to the society, it significantly shapes the worldview and common sense. Although some outliers grow to be distinct from the crowd, most tend to conform to the local culture.

The impact brought to the person does not limit the environment that shapes one’s personality. It could also inherit social status, religion, and life goals. A person born in a faithful Christian family will be more likely to be a Christian. The same phenomenon also happens to well-off people, that the offspring will remain rich if being nurtured accordingly.

However, people sensitivity to something not conforming will lead to discrimination and exclusivity. People tend to cooperate with people with higher uniformity. The exclusivity works to preserve the best interest of the group.

The inheritance of identity causes the forming of culture. Collectively, it could form a prejudice towards a group. The pre-information would help a person to guess another people behavior and action that a person to do. However, the status of a person should not be the basis of treatment.

One should not use his background to discriminate against other people. On the other hand, one should highlight and embrace the difference. Eventually, it integrates other people view into our view to be more open-minded and adaptable.

Ultimately, one cannot choose to be born in what kind of family. The inheritance of the view from progenitor and environment make one understands right or wrong subjectively. Therefore, the omittance of prejudice is necessary. Conversely, one needs to highlight the fundamental difference during socialization with other people.

“The inheritance of identity should not be the reason people are treated unjustly.”

What kind of identity do you have? What prejudice that you receive from other people?

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