A Daily Bother

Everyone doing the same mundane chores repeatedly. Waking up early, going to work, meeting the same people, doing the same housework, and sleeping. A student will meet his friends and teachers on the weekday. An employee does the same routine every day with the interaction with colleagues and supervisor.

Certain activities are repeated subconsciously and occur regularly. There is also the same problem that one may bother. The events of meeting a fussy person every day, being unable to sleep every day or any minor things that affect one’s stress level.

These things can be considered minor and not significant. The lack of emergency leads one to stop looking into the problem. The ignorance may be due to the belief that it is an issue that can be solved immediately initially, that gradually forget about it.

One may argue that what matters to pursue happiness is related to something long term, such as a career plan, retirement plan, etc. However, one may ignore the issue, such as quarrelling and working stressfully, which will cause negative emotions from annoyance to resentment.

The ignorance is reflected if one looks at it in another way. Imagine if a person is angry for 10 minutes a day will eventually become more than 3000 minutes a year, which is two days per year. The daily precursor is translated into another action that bothers others.

If the daily bother happens for a prolonged period, one should face it seriously and treat it as a big issue. It requires intensive action to change the habit and negotiate with the relevant party. When one ignores it, one will form a grudge and form an inappropriate habit that will destroy oneself.

How do you treat your daily issue? Will you let it be or treat it seriously?

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