A Sense of Control: A Career Approach

How does a controlling need can be utilized in a career progression?

We people have a different level of tolerance for something unfamiliar to us. For some, an acceptable risk will make one feel energized and adventurous. On the other hand, some are avoiding the risk as believing it as a threat.

To avoid the chaos from the risk, people will try to avoid or confront in several ways. The actions vary from accepting the risk comfortably, planning the solution, or even ignoring it. These actions have something in common, the sense of control.

The sense of control varies between people. Some people feel like to control, being controlled, or neither of them. The controlling tendency largely depends on some incidents, hardship, and family upbringing that affects personality development.

A person that has been spoiled when he is young, facing a family problem, or having a trauma will tend to be a controlling person. On the other hand, a person that is constantly overprotected fall into the category of being controlled. A plausible reason is due to the inability of expressing wants.

A good team should have the correct ratio of people with a controlling/submissive tendency. The team could not work well if the proportion is not fair, where it will create some inherent problem that can’t be solved apparently.

Moreover, once one has understood the tendency to control, one should aim to the correct position to achieve a positive outcome for oneself and the team. By positioning oneself in a suitable place and with the right proportion of people, a team in a career will flourish and become invincible.

“Understanding a need of controlling and utilizing it will build up the chemistry of a team and make a fulfilling career.”

How is your tendency to control everything?


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