Standard, A Quality Controller

How does standardization improve the quality and removing bias?

Everyone has their own opinions towards something. When executing a task, everyone solves the problem in their way. Moreover, with different results, people could easily argue if there is a difference. With no reference, the debate hardly will produce an acceptable outcome.

Various numbers of students are taking countless papers to test their academic capability. There is someone who is deemed capable of assessing the students, teachers and lecturers. With the competency and standards that the teachers possess, it could maintain the quality of the students.

The standard is not only playing the role of improving the quality. It could also be used as the rule of thumb to solve a problem. Litigation will follow the local law to resolve the dispute. If there is no proper framework for resolving a dispute, the litigation could be harnessed and misused by unintended parties. The consequences eventually lead to overall regression of social equality.

The standardization could also be harnessed to maintain a uniform product where any defection could be detected through the mismatch of the product properties. By standardizing a product, a customer will expect the same quality and progressively build a strong brand that delivers high product satisfaction to the customer.

Quality control could happen if the standard is made after countless revisions and constant improvement. The quality can be created and improved by the experienced one, with the mindset of accepting new ideas for improving the standard.

Maintaining a standard could not only remove the unnecessary prejudice and bias that humans have. It could also become a guideline of how a thing should become. Therefore, by following a standard, it could solve countless problems and creating a better life.

Standard is a clear solution to tackle bias, solve problems, and controlling quality

Do you think a standard is necessary? How could it help you in your daily life?


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