Exposure, Trend, and Action

Why is the awareness of exposure so crucial to a person growth?

The human brain is triggered by a series of eye-catching incidents. These events are catching people attention by generating immediate gratification. Without this setting, drama, news, and controversial actions would not be omnipresent.

A person reaction could be affected by the length of exposure of these precursors. If the exposure triggers a short term action, it would usually form a trend macroscopically. A sudden market crash, a blockbusting movie, and a viral new restaurant are prime examples of short-term exposure.

The main selling point of the events is the short-term excitement that they offer to people. The short term reaction triggered by the events often brings little to no effect. Other than the short-term excitement, it is often not productive at all. In this era, this short-term exposure created by the relevant parties harnessing people short term reaction hopes to look for an interest in the short run.

With less excitement, an action that creates long term exposure is often less attractive than the short term one. However, the effect that it brings is often monumental that define a lifestyle. For instance, the hobby that one has will the decision-making and spending habits of a person.

Even in the absence of exposure, the impact will be chronic to a person and carried throughout the rest of life, given there is no sudden perturbation. For instance, a dopehead will be addicted after a period of drug usage, even after he tried to stop it.

Regardless of the exposure time, people are constantly and deliberately giving each other exposure through communication. It will have a positive and negative impact depends on the decision. Therefore, it is crucial to realize the potential exposure before one indulges in it. Because after one gets lost, it would take a remarkable effort to neutralize the exposure.

“Aware of the potential exposure, avoid the potential trouble.”

What kind of exposure that you wish to avoid?


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